( Frequently ask Questions )
Do I need a server to use Realsoft?
- No Server required - Realsoft even handles your documentation
Is Realsoft a full SaaS application?
- Yes the application hosted in the cloud as web application.
Is the price per property and are there any additional costs
- the additional costs are SMS/Text messages sent and if you use more that your 1GB storage limit per property
Do we get discounts for large amount of properties?
- Yes the more properties the less you pay
How often does new features get added and how quick will bugs be fixed
- Daily updates and bug fixes are applied
Is the online rental application fully integrated
- Yes, tenant will add the information and you can use this information directly inside the system no data transfer required
Does Realsoft have Owner, Tenant and Vendor portals?
- Yes
Does Realsoft track Work Orders and do vendor management?
- Yes we do
Does Realsoft have document management system?
- Yes Realsoft has one of the best document management systems and we try to keep documents close to the Owner, Property vendor, tenants areas so that it can easily be found.
Does Realsoft search content of uploaded files?
- Yes this is one of our features that we are proud off.
Does Realsoft integrate with other application?
- We interfacing with about 900 other applications and have special interface with Realworks Live
Does Realsoft manage and handle multiple branches
- Yes we do
Does Realsoft manage incoming and outgoing Messages including Emails and SMS/text messages?
- Yes we are proud of our messaging system as it stores all messages related to Vendor, Owner or Tenant close to them incoming and outgoing messages – no additional actions required.
Does Realsoft have portals for Tenant, Owner, and Vendors to reduce phone call to the property managers?
- Yes we do
Does Realsoft run trust accounting?
- Yes Realsoft handles your trust accounts and also does charge tracking so that you can quick and easy see outstanding balances
Does Realsoft have easy and quick view of outstanding rental payments?
- Yes and on the same page you can send your defaulting tenant email or SMS even create breach notice
Does Realsoft have task management?
- Yes we do
Does Realsoft handle utility companies on rental application forms?
- Yes we currently have On The Move and will add any new companies on request.
How does Realsoft look after property managers while doing inspections?
- Yes we look after property managers with a panic button that will notify 3 people should the property manager feel in danger – with the feeling that some help should be on the way
Does Realsoft handle sales tracking?
- Yes we do track buyer requirements and details of both parties and you can have sales bank account to track all sales transactions.
Does Realsoft import data from other products?
- Yes we have console import feature that can get all Properties, Owners, Vendors and Tenants and we also have CSV import feature to bring data into our system.
Does Realsoft support multiple owners on the same property?
- Yes we do and we call it shareholding
Can Realsoft customize templates?
- Yes we can customize default system templates messages and use variables
What are Realsoft developers working on now?
  • - Viewing Management – coming soon
  • - Reference Management – coming soon
  • - Marketing push (Realestate and domain etc) comming soon
Does Realsoft support bank import and exports?
- Yes Realsoft does generate ABA files and can handle huge amount of rent receive payment in just a few minutes with its advanced multi receive payment feature?
Is there a limit on property and sales user accounts you can create?
- No there is no limit – you pay per property and the more properties you have the less you pay per property.
How do I roll back if we made some mistakes?
- We have backup and restore feature that you can use before you do major changes so that you can roll back.